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Coverage in the American Bar Ass’n Journal by andrewbruck
October 14, 2007, 11:33 am
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A supporter just forwarded us an article from the ABA Journal. It’s a great example of the press we’ve been getting. We particularly like the quote from our co-founder, Andrew Canter.

Coalition Seeks to Change Big Law Firms, by Martha Neill

Although they haven’t yet graduated from law school, some students are already disillusioned about practicing law at the nation’s major law firms. Worried about tales of long days, unrewarding work and a lack of diversity that prompts many to seek work elsewhere after a few years, they have formed a coalition to promote change.

“What we hear over and over again is that all the law firms are the same,” Andrew Canter, 24, a third-year student at Stanford Law School, tells Legal Times in an article reprinted in New York Lawyer (reg. req.). “They look the same, they make the same glossy brochures, they put on the same receptions and the same fly-back weekends and everything. So we’re trying to do whatever we can to distinguish between them and encourage improvement.”

Others who agree have formed a coalition called Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession, the article explains. Originally made up of Stanford students, it now includes a national membership of students from elite law schools. The group also has a blawg featuring an illustration of grass roots.

Read the full thing here. And congrats to Andrew for the great coverage. (He’s traveling the country giving presentations on our work to various legal academic conferences. We wish him the best of luck!)


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