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Support from Yale Law by andrewbruck
October 9, 2007, 6:35 pm
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we’re excited to receive support from our friends in new haven. jen broxmeyer, chair of yale law women, has joined our national board, and she’s sent along y.l.a.’s endorsement:

“yale law women applauds building a better legal profession’s latest project. as fellow law students, we appreciate dialogue on the firm policies and recruitment strategies that shape our profession. building a better legal profession’s rankings provide important information for law students to make informed decisions about our careers. yale law women recently released a ranking of the top ten family friendly firms as part of a parallel effort to encourage students and firms to think about a work-life balance and evaluate the policies and cultural practices that affect the lives of all young attorneys. we hope these student-led efforts will spark a greater commitment by all to a better work environment.

statement of yale law women

if you aren’t familiar with y.l.a.’s annual ranking of the top family friendly firms, check out their most recent press release. it’s a perfect compliment to our report. these two projects demonstrate the growing student demand for better information about the work environment at large private law firms. we’re looking forward to our continued alliance with y.l.w. in our push for workplace reform.


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