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more support for our work! by andrewbruck
October 9, 2007, 2:19 pm
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michele landis dauber, ph.d., has offered just one of our strongest endorsements to date. winner of the 2006 walter j. gores award, stanford’s highest teaching honor, and a well-known writer on race, gender, and employment law, prof. dauber is highly respected by academics and students alike. we’re glad to have her on our side.

“this pathbreaking research sends a message to america’s law firms that is loud and clear: the best law students want to work at the firms where they have a fair chance at promotion, and where it is possible to work hard and enjoy a family life. it’s about time students collected this kind of basic information about law firms and began to vote with their feet.”

–-michele landis dauber, ph.d., professor of law and (by courtesy) sociology, stanford law school

additional endorsements coming down the pike. click here to see everyone who’s supporting our efforts to build a better legal profession.


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