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Welcome Law Blog readers! by csegall
April 3, 2007, 8:48 pm
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We’re glad to have all 3,500 of you! Please do drop us a line at refirmation (at)


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The concept of reduced work at proportionate compensation is intriguing, but not realistic. The law firm still has to provide all of the fixed costs associated with the full-time employee (office space, recruitment costs, library etc), while getting less overall productivity from the worker.

The more realistic option is to get reduced working time at a significant pay cut. Firms would get better productivity per hour (although they might not care because it is all passed through) and have more satisfied employees. If young associates were average people, instead of an incredibly competitive and perhaps greedy subset of the population, they would realize that it would be rational to trade significant income for more free time. Why not work 75% for 65% pay. Most junior associates would still be earning over $75,000. An associate now has perhaps 10 hours of completely free time per week. If that work load is lowered that free time would perhaps quadruple. I look at my salary as how much I am paying for my free time, and I know a deal when I see it.

Comment by Andy

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