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Student Resource: the Project for Attorney Retention by refirm2007
April 2, 2007, 8:26 pm
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Our friends at the Project for Attorney Retention have a new “Law School Project,” which promises to be another helpful tool for students interested in finding the right firm for them. The Law School Project is:

designed to help legal employers respond effectively to the desire of many law students for legal jobs that offer both the opportunity to practice law at the highest level and the opportunity for work/life balance.

In their posting, PAR also links to two other resources:

1.  How to Find a Job that Allows for Work/Life Balance (pdf); &

2.  Mythbusters (pdf), which provides hard data to bust nine key myths about work/life balance in the legal profession.

    PAR has produced a number of resources that could prove useful in the job search. Be on the lookout for some of their most helpful ones in our own Pre-Interviewing Packet, scheduled to hit law schools this summer before on-campus interviews.


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    Would You Trade A Smaller Paycheck For A Better Work/Life Balance?

    The WSJ Law Blog points out an effort by some law students to change expectations at big law firms around the country. The story has provoked over 100 comments already.  Seems like they might be hitting close to home.

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